I first saw this ad in the newspaper sometime last month if I'm not mistaken:

All You Can Eat for just RM25 per person?? Of course we have to try it out!

But the idea of eating here somehow always slipped our mind every time we go out, and it was only recently we got to dine here. 

Yes, I know.. shame on us for  only trying out this place now huh? 

Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the shop! Got too excited to try out the food and was too full after that taking this photo totally slipped my mind! This photo taken from here
I guess we arrived at the right time at around 7pm where it was still quite empty, because about 5 minutes later, the place was packed! As soon as we sat down, we chose our soup base, and straightaway attacked the food! :p

By the way, you can have a few choices for your soup base: Chicken, Tomato, or Kimchi. You can choose 2 types, and we chose chicken and tomato for ours.

Our first round only; how can you not go for several rounds at an all-you-can-eat restaurant? ;)

For RM25, the food choices definitely exceeded the value of the price. We were also pleased to find the food were fresh, with free flow of sodas. 

When we arrived, it was still quite empty. But like I said before, it didn't stay like that for long. The place filled up pretty quick!

Delicious pork skin

I have read food reviews of this place but not once have they mentioned that this place is non-halal. So I was surprised to see pork meat and pork skin being served there.

After at least 4 rounds of food taking, we had definitely ate to our hearts content. 

We will definitely be back here :)