Well, that's what I think the eatery is called. You know, the restaurant located beside the King Park Hotel in Bandaran Berjaya here in KK? You can't miss it; you can even see it from the main road, or if standing at the Cathay Cineplex across the street.

Anyways, we have never actually eaten inside this eatery before, but WC had several times tapau'd some food home from Peach Garden, and it's mostly this dish right here:

Fried Meehoon with Crab

Fried meehoon with crab [price: RM18.00]. Where else do you know is serving this dish this cheap? We're talking about crabs here, people!

And this one as well:

Sweet & Sour Crab 2

Sweet & Sour Crab [price: RM18.00]. Makes other crab restaurants in KK look like nothing. Portion is a lot, very meaty, taste is just nice, too.

There's only one thing you have to know when dining here: the old lady chef takes her sweet time to cook, so you might have to wait for a while for your food. But according to WC, it doesn't really matter, because the food is REALLY good. And you know what? I agree 100%!

I'm still thinking whether I should have blogged about this place or not. Everyone might go there and get this dish now, and the eatery might raise their price after this! LOL! Just kidding. Go and try it out! I'm sure you'd like the food.
* Non-halal post*

I first tried a Filipino dish called Sisig Pampanga late last year while out in a pub in Api-Api Centre, and that was when my curiosity sparked on what kind of Filipino dishes are considered 'their signature dishes'.

I was then told about this great and hugely proportioned dish called the Crispy Pata, and I promised my friends that I will bring some of them and try it with me.

And thus, here we are at Tambayan, a Filipino Restaurant that serves 100% Filipino food (well, that's what their tagline says anyway). It is located at Api-Api Centre, right beside the Perodua showroom.

Tambayan At Kainang Filipino

This is how it looks like from the entrance; decor is like a traditional bamboo house-like, with bamboos seen on the walls, on the table, and on the lamps.

* Useful tip: Try to get a seat near a fan as it tend to be quite stuffy and hot inside!

Without realising, we had ordered pork on all 3 of our dishes! (I highly discourage you all to do so.. order all pork for your dishes! We now feel like we could forgo pork for a week!)

Nilagong Baboy

For soup, we had the Nilagang Baboy, which is the pork broth with potatoes and vegetables [price: RM7.00]. This is a yummy soup (though it's a little bit salty for me), with generous amount of pork and veggies inside.

Ratings: 3 out of 5.

Sisig Pampanga

We also ordered the Sisig Pampanga, or sizzling diced pork [price RM7.00]. Although this is delicious (and a favourite to some, I know), I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to stand the powerful smell of the liver in it. I would also appreciate it even more if they clean the pork skin properly so that there isn't any pork hair coming out of my food.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Crispy Pata

And finally, this is the signature dish, the Crispy Pata, or Crispy Pork Leg [price: RM30.00]. If you just love pork, then you have to try this dish! It's very crunchy (espeically the skin, it's very yummy!), and very meaty. A very generous portion is given, so it's certainly value for money. The only drawback is that if only there's a better sauce to go with this, instead of just the soy sauce and chilli. Take note, you need to have around 4 people to finish this dish, believe me! 3 people if all of you are big eaters!

Rating: 4 out of 5 (3.5 for taste, 0.5 for value of $).

This is a great place to drink with friends while enjoying the crispy pata. Everything is also very reasonably priced. I just hope there wouldn't be anymore hair on my food the next time.

Tambayan Filipino Restaurant
Ground Floor, Api-Api Centre (beside Perodua Showroom)
Tel: 088 - 241 853

Restoran Original Village Recipe

I've always just passed by the Restoran Original Village Recipe in Damai Point before this, and wondered what sort of dishes they serve. Well, the KK Food Reviews team finally got to try it out last night.

Restoran Original Village Recipe Decor

First of all, I just gotta say that I love their decor! Sure, it's open aired, but I didn't mind so much as soon as I saw the comfortable couch! The ambience has a mixture of old and modern feel to it, sort of like a modern-aged kopitiam. We like!

Herbal Tea

For drinks, we had the Rose Petal Herbal Tea

And for the main course..

Mushroom Chicken with Noodle

WC had the Mushroom Chicken served with Noodle [price: RM8.50]. Presentation for their food is also very appetising, and even though the noodle looks plain, when eaten together with the mushroom and the chicken, it really blends well together. I would recommend you all to try this dish, and you can either choose noodle or rice to go with it.

Curry Fish with Rice

I tried their Curry Fish served with Rice [price: RM8.50]. Like WC's dish, presentation was good for mine as well. If you like Indian food, then you would surely love this dish!

It was good for me, but slightly too spicy for my liking, and mental note: be careful with all those fish bones when eating this!

Chicken Wings & Wuo Tie

We also ordered some side dishes, like the Fried Chicken Wings [price: 4.40], and the Fried Wuo Tie, filled with Spinach, Garlic, and Pork [price: RM8.00]. Both are really delicious, and we'd definitely order them again the next time we're here!

So if you happen to be in Damai Point, why not drop by at this restaurant and dine here?

damai point

Restoran Original Village Recipe
Lot 24, Ground Floor, Block C, Damai Point, Off Jalan Damai
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm
(Closed every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month)
Any inquiries: 016-812 5991
Yellow Wine Chicken

From time to time, the KK Food Reviews crew will choose the Dish Of The Moment to be posted here.

So the first one has got to be this: Yellow Wine Chicken (also known as Drunken Chicken and Samsu Chicken), served with Mee Hoon. [price: RM8.00]

Wine is sweet, and generous portion of ginger was given. It's really delicious!

Where you can get it: Hawaii Cafe, Centrepoint

Check it out.
Hawaii Cafe

Tucked in the back corner of Centrepoint's first floor (beside Pacific Ngiukee) is where Hawaii Cafe is at. From a glance, it looks just like a simple juice place, but their food photos posted on the walls got me intrigued, so of course I had to try it out!

Cucumber Juice & Honey Green Tea Juice

WC and I ordered these drinks: the delicious Honey Green Tea, and the very cooling Cucumber Juice.

Steamed Fish with Beanpaste Gravy
Steamed Fish with Beanpaste Gravy

Now this is what brought me to this cafe: their Steamed Fish Rice (price RM10.50). You can either choose for the (Kerapu) fish to be cooked in Tom Yam or Beanpaste gravy. I purposely took these fish photo with the tablespoon right in the foreground to show how decent the fish portion is. It's perfect for just one person to eat!

Steamed Fish with Tom Yam Gravy
Steamed Fish with Tom Yam gravy

We ordered both, and I personally prefer the Tom Yam gravy much better. It has more taste and oomph to it as compared to the Beanpaste gravy. But remember, this is just me. Try it for yourself and see which one tastes better.

So give Hawaii Cafe a try, not only for their Milk Teas, but also their food as well. You just might be surprised.

Hawaii Cafe
A 39 B, 1st Floor, Centrepoint Sabah
Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm
Dowish Restaurant

So my birthday was just recently, and one of the birthday dinners thrown to me was at a restaurant called Dowish Restaurant, located at Jalan Penampang (right beside the traffic light to go in Jalan Bundusan). It's been ages since I've eaten here, and this restaurant used to be a family favourite back in the days. I remember it being filled with customers everytime we were here, but this time, it was just a few tables being occupied. (which is fine by me, because that would mean our food would be prepared faster!)

Steamboat Dinner

We had the Steamboat with Chicken Soup Base. (you can either choose this or the Tom Yam soup base) There were 6 of us, and the portion given was just enough.

Steamed Chicken Special

I also ordered the Steamed Chicken Special (one of my favourite dishes) and we had to ask for the ginger on the side as they forgot to give it to us. The chicken was a bit half-cooked, so it was only so-so to me.

Total dinner cost us RM178.50. There was another dish that caught my eye: the Crab Rice (cooked on a claypot); it looks very interesting, and I will surely be back again to try this!

Dowish Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
Located beside the traffic light at Jalan Penampang & Jalan Bundusan
88853 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 6088 718 387 / 721 387
Fax: 6088 710 387
Sunset Hour @ The Roof Restaurant Flyer

Another promo guys..

This time, it's the Sunset Hour at The Roof Restaurant, Imperial International Hotel. By the way, that photo and artwork is done by me! You guys like?

For more info on this promo, click HERE.
Just helping Mei promote their new dishes for March. Check 'em out!

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