Dinner @ Beaufort Restaurant

Whenever I pass by Beaufort Restaurant, I would always see it FILLED with customers every single time.

But I've been told before that the food served there are quite expensive. So that explained why WC and I never got around to dining there before.

Nevertheless, I was always curious as to how 'expensive' the food there might be, and lucky for me, this week, my question was answered, as we had another family dinner there.

Beaufort Restaurant

Beaufort Restaurant is located right near to the Lido traffic light (that leads into KK High School). You can't miss it; it's visible from the main Penampang Road. It's a corner lot with a big signboard that says Restaurant Beaufort on it!

There were 6 of us that night, and we were lucky that we arrived at the 'right' time (we arrived around 7.40pm); the other tables were taken by other customers very quickly! Full house again! Wow!

Okay, food pics!

Ginger Fish
Fish cooked with Ginger and Spring Onion

Veggie with Pork
The restaurant's signature dish, the Veggie with Pork! I just LOVE this dish!

Chicken with Ginger Sauce
Steamed Chicken with Ginger

Pai Kut Wong
Pai Kut Wong (pork ribs)

Fish Head Ham Choy Soup
Ham Choy with Fish Head Soup

Sabah Veggie with Egg
Sayur Manis (Sabah veggie) cooked with eggs

I didn't put any explanation to all these Chinese dishes, as I only got one word to describe it: DELICIOUS! They all tasted like how they're supposed to taste; not too salty nor bland. Just delicious!

And all these dishes (plus 8 bowls of rice, a few glasses of Chinese Teas and warm water) cost us RM94. I think it's pretty reasonable considering there were 6 dishes for 6 pax, right?

If you haven't tried this place yet, then you don't know what you're missing! Seriously!


The Dusun Aroma said...

never tried it there.. hurm maybe will bring the family this weekend.

94 for 6 dish is around RM 15 per dish ~ ada mahal sikiiittt lah dari tempat lain.

But if the service are good and the tastes are excellent then it's worth it.


Fiona said...

My fav. - their signature dish, mixed seafood claypot & famous "chow mein" ...

sabah said...

mahal ka...then why not try the little man thai at kingfisher...
food more or less the same....may be even better.
price definitely cheaper la...
there are a few man thai...in penampang, down town but the best is still at kingfisher...
dear jacq, can u list down the operating hours n rest day for all the places for readers convy...tks

Anonymous said...

your 'tag' said serve no pork but your order is pork? how ah

JACQ said...

The Dusun Aroma, so have you tried this place yet?

Fiona, ooh I haven't tried that! Sounds delish!

sabah, Okay I'll make a note of that. Thanks for letting me know.

Anon, my tag says serve pork, not serve no pork la..