[Now Closed] SSAM Station Is Closing Soon!

Update: SSAM is still open, but don't until the last minute for you to go there.. you just might miss it!

I've first blogged about SSAM Station on my personal blog and the previous KK Food Reviews blog, and recently, we've been told that this cafe will close down at the end of this month! Gasp! Nooooo!

So Dino, WC and I went there at 1pm today, and found that the CSP group are having their lunch there as well! So after waiting for them to finish lunch, we finally got a table, and the 3 of us ordered the same thing:

Beef Do-Si-Rak

Beef Do-Si-Rak [price: RM13.80]
and Nok-Cha(Korean Tea) [price: RM1.80]. This is a highly recommended dish for all of you to try out. And take note that it's actually beef patties! (not the beef meat) and they're cooked using a 'secret family recipe'. Whatever it is, I do know it's really delicious!

I really hope to dine there at least 1 more time before it closes end of this month. But if I can't make it, SSAM Station, you were always my Favourite Korean eatery. I shall miss your Beef Do-Si-Rak.

But to the rest of you guys, go and dine there asap!


Cafe SSAM Station
Ground Floor, Lot 2-1-13B Wawasan Plaza
(near Tang Dynasty Hotel side)
Contact No: 016-8800723



ekeng said...

what..closing end of this month..Nooo..Okok. i will go there before it closed.

Cath J said...

ooo no...kempunan la org jauh...beef looks so delishhh!

val said...

uhh huu

Any particular reason why they are closing down Jacq?

My guess will be.. moving to other place?

I went there once as recommended by wifey friend (I think I did comment about it on your post too), it was quite pack and we had to que for a while.

However, on the food side I found that I'm not a Korean food fan. Maybe not my type lah.

Anyway, thks for the info Jacq :)ny

szening said...

i just went today after seeing your blog (yea, this same specific one).. i ate what you ate.. and the beef is the best i have tried..
the business is so good, why are they closing???
do you have the specific date? i sure will love to go again, maybe this week. hehe

MimieJay said...

i thought i heard next month..huhu i guess they change the date.

harap2 i'm not too late.. too busy to stop by there and owh, a lil bit too pricey for everyday meal..(i'm a student!)

Anonymous said...

closing in MARCH but after close still gonna be a korean restaurant.
more like korean susi and ramyun restaurant.

Kris and Nadia said...

yay.. napa la dia mo tutup..huhu.. sya pun suka mkn tu dok si rak..hihi... forgot the name oredi.. sedap oo kan dia pya daging..nyum2.. ohya, have u try Bintulu Restaurant at Luyang? sadap ooo... :) ada sya post.. u shud try it too.. make some review ya :)