The Delicious Moon Bell Restaurant


Before I start my post, I just gotta say, why haven't I eaten at this eatery before??? My loss.. my loss! Sedappppp!

So WC and I were in downtown KK last night, scouting for new places to dine at. Somehow before this, we'd always say that we'd eat here in Moonbell Restaurant, but the lack of parking have always made us change our minds.

But not last night! Using 'The Secret' technique (teehee!), we found a parking right in front of the restaurant! Great or what!



To those of you who don't know where Moon Bell Restaurant is located, it's right across the street from Wisma Merdeka, near the (Milimewa/Emporium) traffic light. You can't miss it; it has a HUGE signboard that says Moon Bell Restaurant! And take note: it's a serve-no-pork restaurant! Nice!

Karen, who's the owner of the restaurant, greeted us in a very friendly manner (a plus in our book!) and we asked what she would recommend us eat, and these are what we had:

(in clockwise order)


  • Moonbell Restaurant's signature dish, called Seafood Stuffed Brinjal [price: RM8]. OMG this is my new favourite dish, I tell you! It's so darn delicious! And sweet! And it tastes just like a 'kueh'! Yummy!
  • Handmade noodle with plain soup [price: RM4]. This is something very light for WC to eat with the dishes. (as opposed to rice, that is) According to him, it's simple and yet delicious. He also said he's gonna order that next time, so to all of you who is in a diet, perhaps you should give this a try! :)
  • Our soup, the Northern Chinese Chicken Pot [price: RM15]. This is a very interesting dish; I loved the soup, but the more I had, the more bitter it tasted. But I still liked it, though! And interestingly enough, the soup tasted like Chicken Stew to me (a very watery and gravy type of stew, though! LOL) Perhaps it was all the herbs at the bottom of the soup. And I gotta say that WC loved this soup!

A closer look of the ingredients inside the soup


OMG this is also my new favourite dish(es) here in Moon Bell Restaurant: the Dry Stir Fried Lazy Crab, priced at RM30. What is a lazy crab? It's actually soft shell crabs (yum!), and it's cooked in a 'kueh' style again, but it's seriously very good, though! Seriously! So to those of you who are fans of soft shell crabs, this is a must!

But do take note that some soft shell crabs are salty, and this was no exception. But not ALL were salty though; just some of it. Just make sure you have your drink with you on the side to wash down the saltiness! ;)

We've decided to try their other signature dish, the Lamb another time, and trust me, we WILL be back another time! And if you guys haven't tried this restaurant, I suggest that you do! :)


Moonbell Restaurant
No.33, Jalan Haji Saman (Same row as Yummy Chicken and 7Eleven, facing Wisma Merdeka building)
88804, Kota Kinabalu Sabah
For inquiries, contact Karen Woo at 019-861 1605
Closed on Mondays



The Dusun Aroma said...

hmmm lapar ni.. I think I gonna try to cook those one of these days. I'm a food craze too *.* /blink /blink

Cath J said...

Thank you for sharing all the KK food..Please keep it up.. Will always come back here for update.. :-)

chongerin said...

Thanks for the updates.. I'm following ur blog. Thanks so much for the food coverage in town :)

h0cmun said...

Oooohhhh.. all the food in Sabah.. so far from PJ!

JACQ said...

The Dusun Aroma, ya you should if you haven't already done so! ;)

Cath J, tq for the support! And for following this blog! :)

chongerin, tq for following this blog! And your support's much appreciated :)

h0cmun, yaloh.. but nvm. Next time you come to KK, you know where to go to eat what! ;)

Dodu said...


Yummyyy...miss all the Malaysian food. I love your food reviews. I am adding you to my blogroll and when I get back to KK, I will hunt for those places you mentioned.

Eve said...

I have to say the food at this restaurant is very foreign to my Sabahan taste buds. It is probably a good representation of this type of cuisine but I personally won't dine here again.

pHaque said...

Is the restaurant halal or pork free?