Lunch & Dessert @ CUBE [EATERY NOW CLOSED]

I've always have my dinner (and wine) at CUBE, but I've never actually tried their Lunch Menu yet. So when sis Jewelle wanted to meet up for lunch at City Mall and asked for a place to eat, I quickly suggested CUBE!

These are what we had:

Curry Chicken Rice

Sis Jewelle had the Curry Chicken Rice [price: RM10.50++]. I tried it myself, and it's quite bland, IMO. It's only so-so.

Minced Chicken Noodle Soup

But I had the Minced Chicken Noodle Soup [price: RM8++], and ooh! I love it! I'm definitely gonna order this again! The soup's not too oily (although it does in the pic above), the combination of minced chicken, bean sprout, and bok choy with the noodle is really yummy!

Oh and by the way, both the dishes above are inclusive of either coffee or tea.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

And this is what we both had for dessert: the Chocolate Cheesecake [price: RM9++]. I just simply love this dessert! It's light, and not too sweet! Sis Jewelle, who's a fan of anything chocolate, loved it too! And she commented that it also has a bit of coffee taste in it. Yummy!

Have you guys tried the cheesecake yet?

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Cath J said...

ooo...cheese cake looks delishhhh...nyam!

ekeng said...

do they served Steak? i wanna try when i go back KK on next month. My friend told me this restaurant owned by Wong Kok daugther. Am i right?

JACQ said...

Cath J, it IS delishh! Yum indeed! ;)

ekeng, no steak being served, but they do have chicken chop, fish fillet & lamb chop. And about that last question.. hehe.. I guess you should ask them when you dine here next month huh? ;)