After several attempts to make a trip up to Kasih Sayang Resort with the hubby (but failed because we missed the Jalan Kokol Poring-Poring junction each time!) we finally managed to drive up there yesterday! 

I just love road trips! It's just oh-so fun, don't you think? :)

If you're one who easily get motion sickness (like me), then you might want to prepare yourself prior the trip up there, because not only is it an uphill road, it's also a very windy one! Eeek!

But not to worry, once you reach the resort (way up in 2,400 feet above sea level!), you will forget about the motion sickness in no time, because the view of Kota Kinabalu from up there is just breathtaking!
It looks like a house, albeit a very big (and unique) one!

The entrance

Kasih Sayang Resort (or I should say Boutique Health Resort & Spa) is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind from the hectic working lifestyle.

Which is why I gave the hubby the look when he asked me, "So what kind of entertainment do they have here?" It's a health resort, what kind of entertainment do you expect..?

The first thing the hubby commented about the above photo was that it looks exactly like one of the resorts he's been to in Mauritius. It just looks so serene, don't you think? I love it!

Now moving on to the restaurant..

This is what you see when you walk to the balcony of the Cloud 9 Restaurant: beautiful view of the hills as well as Kota Kinabalu city (and Tunku Abdul Rahman islands too! See 2nd before last photo on this post) 

Did I mention that the view from up here is simply breathtaking? I love the fresh breeze, too! 

No wonder their tagline is "Ahhh... Almost Heaven"!

I now understand why my fellow photographer friends would always come up here in the evening just to wait for the sunset. I know it would have been a gorgeous photo no matter how you take it! 

I must make it a point to take a photo of it myself one of these days, too! 

Now on to the food..

We were there just for brunch actually, as we already had breakfast before we made the trip to Kasih Sayang Resort.

The hubby ordered this:

Dr.Lynn's Famous Vegetable Broth, RM11.90

Since it's a health resort, the hubby asked for the most healthy dish (with soup) in it, and the waitress recommended Dr.Lynn's Famous Vegetable Broth. It consists of celery, potatoes, carrots, leeks, tomatoes, pumpkins, onion and garlic.

Needless to say, he loved it! It's a very healthy broth indeed, perfect for a health-conscious person like him!

Beef Soto, RM10.90

I went for something more simple; the Beef Soto. It's delicious and the beef was tender, but there's nothing else special with this dish, really. Just a plain ol' soto.

But their juices are sure something else; they are actually more expensive than our food!

Good For Skin Juice, RM12

I went for the juice called "Good For Skin" (no thanks to the breakouts I've had recently, but you don't need to know about that!) and it's basically tomato, carrot and apple blended together.

Very healthy! Very delicious! Highly recommended! :)

Calamansi Apple Juice, RM12

The hubby ordered the Calamansi Apple Juice. Another refreshing drink. It's just too bad it doesn't have its own unique name like my drink!

So if you still haven't been to Kasih Sayang Resort, you should do so; best to do so with your family for a weekend visit.

Why, you ask?

Because what better way to spend your weekend (or your free time) than this peaceful view? :)

The map to Kasih Sayang Resort (as per Kasih Sayang Resort's website)

Kasih Sayang Resort
Jalan Kokol Poring-Poring (look out for the big St.Joseph Catholic Church sign on the right side of road, if you're from KK)
Kota Kinabalu
Tel:  +60 88 246404 (Office), +60 88 470866 (Resort)
Website: Kasih Sayang Resort