Wojamama Lintas' New Look, New Menu!

I got to dine at the newly renovated Wojamama Japanese Restaurant Lintas branch last night with the hubby, and I must say that I'm very impressed at the restaurant's new look! 

The overall ambience is much better than before. I also love the mini cubicles (for those of you who want a bit of privacy), and just how cute is that children's corner!

Their menu had been revamped as well, with much better photos and some new choices of food.

I ordered my usual Niku Udon (Japanese Noodles with Beef in Soup) [RM18.00] while the hubby ordered the Haru (22 pieces of sushi) [RM49.00]. 

There were so many sushi on the plate that I had to help him eat some just to finish the whole thing! But it was oh-so delicious, it's definitely worth the price.

Have you guys checked out the new Wojamama Lintas? If you have not, then you definitely must do so soon!

Wojamama Japanese Restaurant (Lintas Branch)
Lot 6, 7 Ground Floor, Block A
Lintas Square, Kota Kinabalu
Tel: +60 88 266757


Makiko Saba said...

Now that you have updated about the new looks, I may want to visit this again sometime soon.

Anyway, I think the name of the restaurant is Wagamama based on the Japanese characters reading (unless they have changed it recently la).

Thanks for the info.

Jacquelin Ajuni said...

Makiko: Yes, it was called Wagamama before, but they changed it either last year or earlier this year. Still kept the logo of the Japanese characters though.

And yes, go go and check the place out! :)


What a great food you've got here. Very very nice photo and recommendation!! :)

StrawberrY Gal said...

I wish to back to KK again.The food looks delicious

Anonymous said...

I was in KK and visited their 1Borneo outlet after reading some reviews to try out the dishes. As usual I will ask for "pickled ginger", well they are the FIRST Japanese restaurants among the dozens I have visited to charge customers for ginger at RM3-00!!??!!
The last I will step in again to another Wojamama.

benny marvin said...

Wagamama is the best food in kota kitanabalu...I mean Japanese food..just
lets go to wajamama....