Dining @ Penang Village

Penang Village Entrance

While I was shopping with sis Jewelle earlier last month, we had the chance to try out the food at Penang Village, located at 1Borneo, on the Concourse Floor.

Decor inside is quite nice.. with a dimly lit ambience (but we felt a bit warm actually, maybe it was only at that time?). We were there on a weekday during lunchtime, and we noticed that it is a popular spot for business executives to dine in.

Okay, moving on with the food. We waited for more than 1/2 hour for our food to arrive, probably because there were a lot of people at that time.

penang village
(clockwise from right: Penang Char Kway Teow, Penang Prawn Mee, & drinks)

Since we were in a Penang-related restaurant, we thought it'd make sense to order Penang related dishes!

I had the Penang Char Kway Teow [price: RM8.90], and wow, it was very spicy! But to be honest, it was a bit bland for me (despite the spiciness), and this is only (probably) because I'm very picky when it comes to my Fried Kway Teow.

Sis Jewelle's Penang Prawn Mee [price: RM8.90] was alright. Spicy as expected, but IMO, it it tasted better than mine. The prawn taste in the soup is just nice, too.

Notice the colourful drinks? Mine was the yummy Rose Syrup Calamansi [price: RM3.90], and sis had the Ice-Lemon Tea [price: forgot. Sorry!]

So our opinion of the place?

We saw that there were other dishes being served on other tables that looked so delicious, so I would still give this place another try when I'm in 1Borneo again!


Penang Village (Sabah Branch)
1Borneo Hypermall
Lot C-308 & C-309, Concourse Floor
Jalan Sulaman
Tel: +6088 488 828


** There are other branches too, located in KL, Putrajaya, and in Jakarta, Tangerang, and East Java in Indonesia **


val said...

hurm.. for that portion of char kuew on that price, I think that's a bit disappointingly too pricey for me. Well, it's 1Borneo where price is a tag line :P

TFS anyway.

MimieJay said...

so pricey owh..but sedapla!

i had that drink too! so delicious!
want to go back there again but aiyah even so sedap it's too pricey! if the portion was a little more i think it's worth the money.. :P

JACQ said...

val, yes it is actually, and yes, it's all because of location. La Manila also serves the same dish for around that price in Warisan Square! But I still go there anyway! Crazy huh!

MimieJay, VERY pricey actually, if compared to hawker stall prices kan? And yes, I like that drink too! Hi-5 to us both! ;)

val said...

Hi again Jacq,

Thks for the link, I added yours on my blog too :)

Anonymous said...

went there 4 dinner arly last mth and gosh,ur waiting hr is only 1/2 hr while us is 1hr and they skip us over 2 tables order.

when checked b4 the 2 table's order,they said it's coming out soon and bla-bla-bla.

So when the orders are finally out~6 orders actually mine was the last to come which i had to wait another 10min~and food was not cooked,think i had nasi lemak w/chicken curry o something lik tat.

When complaint,all the supervisor could do is just ~very sorry ar, sorry ar~ :(

wont recommend o go there anymore...

JACQ said...

Anonymous, gosh, that bad, huh? I really hate it when they skip our orders and give the later tables their food first! I've experienced your situation too before, just other places. Perhaps one of the people who works there or something should take note of this post then, huh?

vivien_capri said...

I thought it's only the Putrajaya Branch that has a problem with fast-service. We waited about 1/2 hours for my pineapple fried rice and 2 other dishes.

And the drinks arrived late too. Thankfully, the food was delicious and quite in big portion, and the supervisor was sorry so we didn't get that annoyed.

great blog, btw. Keep it UP!