Tom Yam & Fried Prawn Dumplings @ Kedai Kopi Janggut

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I can't remember when was the last time I dined at Kedai Kopi Janggut.. maybe sometime earlier in the year? I did a search here on my food blog to see whether I blogged about this place before, and to my horror, I haven't! *Gasp!*

So I dragged WC to have our lunch there recently. The coffeeshop always seemed to be full of customers; always a good sign!

Despite the huge crowd dining there, we still managed to get a table, and we both ordered the Tom Yam and asked for a mix of the prawns and fish together inside our food. (you can order either with prawns or fish, or both)

The coffeeshop's specialty, Tom Yam [price: RM7]

We loved it! And I'm sure you guys noticed the chillies that were on top of the prawn on the pic above, but trust me, their tom yam wasn't that spicy! At least this time when we had it wasn't! I finished it in no time! Hehe.. Delicious bah!

Whenever WC and I dine at coffeeshops, we would also order some side dishes to go with our main dish. And this time, we ordered the fried prawn dumplings.

Highly recommended side dish: Fried Prawn Dumplings [price: RM7]

OMG the portion is huge and A LOT! Fried prawn dumplings is one of my favourite food, so what d'ya know.. as soon as we finished the first plate, I ordered another plate! It was THAT yummy! ;)


Kedai Kopi Janggut
Hilltop (facing the back of the chiropractic clinic)
opening hours: from 6.30 am to 3 pm



ekeng said...

i know this shop. Their Tom Yam taste normal only. Do try the one in Sinsuran. The best Tom yam in KK. I will go back to KK soon. I will blog about food in KK.

JACQ said...
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JACQ said...

I think I know why this one taste normal only: it's not as spicy as it should be (which is fine with me, as I can't take that spicy food anyway). And I also know which one you're talking about in Sinsuran.. Seng Hing right?

ekeng said...

Jacq~ you are right, it's Seng Hing. They served the best tom yam in KK, always packed with people. Not only tom yam, Thai Style Crystal Chicken Feet also highly recommended.

adrian@sabah said...

Hi Caneelia, this is great. I need a local food blog to link my website to, this one is it. So I hope this blog stays up. Unless you have another food blog.

This is where it's at, About Sabah.

sabah said...

The food was good but the service need to improve. On my one n only trip there, I waited 5 mins to be served, 45 mins for food n 10 mins for the bill. To make it worse, I ordered mee hoon but was served mee instead. There was a family seated next to our table and the child in the baby chair make a mess of the food. After the family left the towkay ngiong(wearing spec) I assume make unpleasant remark in a loud voice. I notice there is a comment deleted, may from another upset customer.