I've always have my dinner (and wine) at CUBE, but I've never actually tried their Lunch Menu yet. So when sis Jewelle wanted to meet up for lunch at City Mall and asked for a place to eat, I quickly suggested CUBE!

These are what we had:

Curry Chicken Rice

Sis Jewelle had the Curry Chicken Rice [price: RM10.50++]. I tried it myself, and it's quite bland, IMO. It's only so-so.

Minced Chicken Noodle Soup

But I had the Minced Chicken Noodle Soup [price: RM8++], and ooh! I love it! I'm definitely gonna order this again! The soup's not too oily (although it does in the pic above), the combination of minced chicken, bean sprout, and bok choy with the noodle is really yummy!

Oh and by the way, both the dishes above are inclusive of either coffee or tea.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

And this is what we both had for dessert: the Chocolate Cheesecake [price: RM9++]. I just simply love this dessert! It's light, and not too sweet! Sis Jewelle, who's a fan of anything chocolate, loved it too! And she commented that it also has a bit of coffee taste in it. Yummy!

Have you guys tried the cheesecake yet?

** Click HERE to read my other review at CUBE Restaurant & Wine Lounge!
Manhattan Fish Market

I always seem to just pass by the Manhattan Fish Market, located at the Concourse Floor of 1Borneo, but I have never eaten there. Until recently!

When we were at 1Borneo recently, we finally gave it a try, as I wanted to find out how their All Time Favourite Fish N Chips tasted like.

Fried Calamari

We first ordered the Fried Calamari [price: RM11.90]. Portion-wise, it was good, but it tasted quite bland to me. It was only an eh.. experience.


For their Fish n Chips, you can choose the types of fish (as per above)..

Manhattan Fish & Chips
Fish N Chips; Alaskan Pollock & Pacific Dory

WC and I both had the Fish N Chips, but his version was the Alaskan Pollock version [price: RM17.90], and mine was the Pacific Dory version [price: RM16.90]. I personally prefer this version of the Fish N Chips as compared to the other Fish N Chips at an eatery at Warisan Square (even though the portion served at Warisan is much bigger) as it's less oily, and the fries tasted better. It's not the skinny fries, enough said!

We also noticed that the Pacific Dory version was much bigger and thicker than the Alaskan Pollock version; tastes slightly better too (but remember this is just our opinion).

Our final verdict?

WC still prefer the Fish N Chips served at Warisan Square, as the fried calamari and the portion of the fish and chips are more there. As for me, either place is fine. How about you? Have you tried Manhattan Fish Market before?
Yummy Chicken Restaurant

A few days prior to Christmas Day, WC and I had our lunch here at Yummy Chicken Restaurant. This restaurant is also on the same row as the Moonbell Restaurant.

The place was nice and simple; there weren't a lot of people when we were there at around 12pm.


Firstly, we ordered the Yummy Pancake [price: RM4.80] as they call it, but truthfully, it was only so-so. It has ground peanuts together with 'nasi pulut', and sweet sauce. It was kind of dry, IMO.

And I'm sure you all know how the Deep Fried Dumplings [price: RM10] taste like if you have been to Dim Sum eateries!

Kon Lo Noodle with Beef

WC had the Kon Lo Noodle with Beef [price: RM7]. Although it looks good, WC said that the beef was tough. Basically he didn't like it.

Tom Yam Noodle with Seafood

I had the Tom Yam Noodle with Seafood [price: RM7]. Mine is really good though, as compared to the Kon Lo Noodle! Milk, spiciness, and sweetness was just right to me! I'd definitely order this dish again!

Honeydew Jelly Dessert

We were also automatically given a dessert, and on that day, it was the Honeydew Dessert. I have no idea how much this costs..

If any of you have eaten here before, I'd love to hear what other things you would recommend!
** Even though I've already posted it on my personal blog, I thought I should post it here as well (with some additional info), since it has something to do about reviewing their food as well! **


Coffeebean December Drink Tasting

JulianSabah invited me to join some bloggers and media people for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf December drinks (and some food) tasting at Waterfront earlier in December. Turns out it was Shan who was in charge of this gathering! Thanks Shan! :)

The December drinks (2 new drinks and 2 seasonal drinks):

CoffeeBean December Drinks

Drinks from left:

  • Marshmallow Double Hot Chocolate [RM13.50]
  • Peppermint Ice Blended [RM13.50 reg]
  • Peppermint Latte [RM12.50 reg]
  • Double Chocolate Ice Blended [RM13.50 reg]
  • Double Chocolate Latte [RM12.50 reg]

Mr.Voon also explained to us generally about these seasonal and promotional drinks. He personally predicted that the Marsmallow Double Hot Chocolate would be a keeper, and I sincerely hope that it would be too!

If you guys haven’t tried these drinks yet, I’d personally suggest that you guys try the Marshmallow Double Hot Chocolate; it’s so darn good! OMG! Perfect drink to have during the rainy weather, and it’s also a great drink to get yourself in the Christmas mood! ;)

I forgot to try the peppermint drinks, though! Argh! So I’m sorry guys; can’t tell ya what it tastes like.. (any of you guys tried it before? Comments?) My other fellow blogger friends recommended that you guys should order the Peppermint Ice Blend the next time you’re there. So keep that (and the marshmallow drink!) in mind ya! ;)


We also got to try out some of the food there, and this is the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich [price: RM13.50], using the (newly introduced to the menu as of December) Nordlander Bread!

What is Nordlander Bread, you ask? It's a classic Northern European bread made from a healthy recipe of natural grains, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and spices. And you can choose different types of sandwiches. Check out the website for more details!

But my personal favourite food that night was none other than the Lasagna [price: RM16.90]! It looks simple, and yet.. very delicious!

If you haven't done so, I suggest that you guys check out these food and drinks! Also, check out JulianSabah and LifeInBorneo’s post about this too!


Before I start my post, I just gotta say, why haven't I eaten at this eatery before??? My loss.. my loss! Sedappppp!

So WC and I were in downtown KK last night, scouting for new places to dine at. Somehow before this, we'd always say that we'd eat here in Moonbell Restaurant, but the lack of parking have always made us change our minds.

But not last night! Using 'The Secret' technique (teehee!), we found a parking right in front of the restaurant! Great or what!



To those of you who don't know where Moon Bell Restaurant is located, it's right across the street from Wisma Merdeka, near the (Milimewa/Emporium) traffic light. You can't miss it; it has a HUGE signboard that says Moon Bell Restaurant! And take note: it's a serve-no-pork restaurant! Nice!

Karen, who's the owner of the restaurant, greeted us in a very friendly manner (a plus in our book!) and we asked what she would recommend us eat, and these are what we had:

(in clockwise order)


  • Moonbell Restaurant's signature dish, called Seafood Stuffed Brinjal [price: RM8]. OMG this is my new favourite dish, I tell you! It's so darn delicious! And sweet! And it tastes just like a 'kueh'! Yummy!
  • Handmade noodle with plain soup [price: RM4]. This is something very light for WC to eat with the dishes. (as opposed to rice, that is) According to him, it's simple and yet delicious. He also said he's gonna order that next time, so to all of you who is in a diet, perhaps you should give this a try! :)
  • Our soup, the Northern Chinese Chicken Pot [price: RM15]. This is a very interesting dish; I loved the soup, but the more I had, the more bitter it tasted. But I still liked it, though! And interestingly enough, the soup tasted like Chicken Stew to me (a very watery and gravy type of stew, though! LOL) Perhaps it was all the herbs at the bottom of the soup. And I gotta say that WC loved this soup!

A closer look of the ingredients inside the soup


OMG this is also my new favourite dish(es) here in Moon Bell Restaurant: the Dry Stir Fried Lazy Crab, priced at RM30. What is a lazy crab? It's actually soft shell crabs (yum!), and it's cooked in a 'kueh' style again, but it's seriously very good, though! Seriously! So to those of you who are fans of soft shell crabs, this is a must!

But do take note that some soft shell crabs are salty, and this was no exception. But not ALL were salty though; just some of it. Just make sure you have your drink with you on the side to wash down the saltiness! ;)

We've decided to try their other signature dish, the Lamb another time, and trust me, we WILL be back another time! And if you guys haven't tried this restaurant, I suggest that you do! :)


Moonbell Restaurant
No.33, Jalan Haji Saman (Same row as Yummy Chicken and 7Eleven, facing Wisma Merdeka building)
88804, Kota Kinabalu Sabah
For inquiries, contact Karen Woo at 019-861 1605
Closed on Mondays


the place

I'm sure a lot of you have seen or passed The Place before. This Filipino Cafe & Lounge (but serves not only Filipino cuisines, but also Western and Chinese dishes as well!) is located at Api-Api Centre, facing the Marina Court, and is a very well-known place due to its colourful decors! (well, that's how I remember this place; it has always been colourful since the beginning!)

See what I mean?

And to those of you who want a fix of beer in the early morning, then you can definitely get it here at The Place.. they're open practically 24 hours a day!


But at that time, WC and I went there for dinner, so we ordered orange and watermelon juices instead to go with our dinners. (price: RM4.70 each)

These are what we ordered (in clockwise order):

  • One of the Filipino dishes: The Chicken Wine Soup [price: RM10]. It's exactly like our (Sabah's) very own lihing soup! But in The Place, they sure put a lot of wine in it! Yum!!
  • We wanted to order a veggie dish, so we chose this Chopsuey dish [price: RM8]. It was alright; delicious, and I wouldn't mind ordering it again the next time I come here.
  • This is another of Filipino's favourites, called the Bulalu, or Beef Shank Soup [price: RM8]. It's very delicious, and WC totally loved it! So he ended up taking this whole soup, and gave me the chicken wine soup to finish! Which is fine by me! ;)
Have you guys eaten here before? What Filipino (or other) dishes would you recommend?

** You've probably noticed the watermark.. yeah well ignore it! This post was meant for those blogs, but I've forgotten to post it, and lazy to change lah.. hah! ;) **

I don't know if this is a new pricing with other Japanese restaurants here in KK, but that's what happened to me recently when I dined at Japanese Dream Food at Palm Square, CentrePoint last week.

my super dry grilled salmon set dish

I ordered the Grilled Salmon set dish for myself, and when it arrived, I found that the salmon was very dry. So I called one of the waitress and asked whether I could have a little bit of Teriyaki Sauce on the side like how I always order at the other Japanese restaurant outlets I frequently go to. (whenever I order grilled salmon, that is)

But I was dumbfounded when I was told that it will cost me RM4 just for the sauce!

What do you guys think of this price? It is acceptable? Would you order the sauce anyway after finding out the price?