Lunch @ Yummy Chicken Restaurant

Yummy Chicken Restaurant

A few days prior to Christmas Day, WC and I had our lunch here at Yummy Chicken Restaurant. This restaurant is also on the same row as the Moonbell Restaurant.

The place was nice and simple; there weren't a lot of people when we were there at around 12pm.


Firstly, we ordered the Yummy Pancake [price: RM4.80] as they call it, but truthfully, it was only so-so. It has ground peanuts together with 'nasi pulut', and sweet sauce. It was kind of dry, IMO.

And I'm sure you all know how the Deep Fried Dumplings [price: RM10] taste like if you have been to Dim Sum eateries!

Kon Lo Noodle with Beef

WC had the Kon Lo Noodle with Beef [price: RM7]. Although it looks good, WC said that the beef was tough. Basically he didn't like it.

Tom Yam Noodle with Seafood

I had the Tom Yam Noodle with Seafood [price: RM7]. Mine is really good though, as compared to the Kon Lo Noodle! Milk, spiciness, and sweetness was just right to me! I'd definitely order this dish again!

Honeydew Jelly Dessert

We were also automatically given a dessert, and on that day, it was the Honeydew Dessert. I have no idea how much this costs..

If any of you have eaten here before, I'd love to hear what other things you would recommend!


Cath J said...

Great photo my fren...telan2 liur juga...good thing you all try it first.. :)

JACQ said...

Cath J, haha thanks!

Morten Pedersen said...

It looks delicious all that food, great photos.

JACQ said...

Morten Pedersen, thanks! And thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Happy New Year to you! :)

OnellaLuV said...

May i know the location of yummy chicken restaurant?