The Place, Api-Api Centre

the place

I'm sure a lot of you have seen or passed The Place before. This Filipino Cafe & Lounge (but serves not only Filipino cuisines, but also Western and Chinese dishes as well!) is located at Api-Api Centre, facing the Marina Court, and is a very well-known place due to its colourful decors! (well, that's how I remember this place; it has always been colourful since the beginning!)

See what I mean?

And to those of you who want a fix of beer in the early morning, then you can definitely get it here at The Place.. they're open practically 24 hours a day!


But at that time, WC and I went there for dinner, so we ordered orange and watermelon juices instead to go with our dinners. (price: RM4.70 each)

These are what we ordered (in clockwise order):

  • One of the Filipino dishes: The Chicken Wine Soup [price: RM10]. It's exactly like our (Sabah's) very own lihing soup! But in The Place, they sure put a lot of wine in it! Yum!!
  • We wanted to order a veggie dish, so we chose this Chopsuey dish [price: RM8]. It was alright; delicious, and I wouldn't mind ordering it again the next time I come here.
  • This is another of Filipino's favourites, called the Bulalu, or Beef Shank Soup [price: RM8]. It's very delicious, and WC totally loved it! So he ended up taking this whole soup, and gave me the chicken wine soup to finish! Which is fine by me! ;)
Have you guys eaten here before? What Filipino (or other) dishes would you recommend?

** You've probably noticed the watermark.. yeah well ignore it! This post was meant for those blogs, but I've forgotten to post it, and lazy to change lah.. hah! ;) **


The Dusun Aroma said...

Interesting!! although I may be a bit too patriotic (if got such thing) that I have a little difficulties to enjoy anything associated with Filipinos ^.^

Anyhow, Thanks for sharing :)

JACQ said...

I understand. But well, reviewing is part of my 'job', local or food from other countries ;)