Menggatal Ngiu Chap @ Inanam

Everybody knows how popular the Menggatal Ngiu Chap is, and even tourists are willing to take a taxi up to Menggatal just to try this special dish.

But luckily, now you no longer have to drive up to Menggatal just to have the Ngiu Chap, as there is now a branch in Inanam/Kolombong area!

Where is it exactly? If you know Alliance Bank Kolombong/Inanam, then you would have no problem finding this coffeeshop called Kedai Kopi Sri Aroma. On the Alliance Bank block, you just go to the next block, and this coffeeshop is at the end of that block; you can't miss it. That's where the Menggatal Ngiu Chap stall is located!

Menggatal Ngiu Chap [Price: Medium: Rm7.00, Large: RM8.00, Special: RM9.00]

We actually found out about this a while back, but we only managed to find the time to post it today! Hehe..

Note: We were told that Menggatal Ngiu Chap also has another branch in Putatan! Anybody knows the exact location?


Cath J said...

Aduh... terliur I!!! Must hunt this when I come bck... T_T

JACQ said...

Cath J, yes you do! Sedap! :)

Vienne said...

oo yesh, there are at the only chinese coffee shop(also sell inanam Hot bun) in front the Matahari Furniture

Moon said...

Hi, do you have info what is the opening hours like? really would like to try this out when I'm back, Thanks miss KK ngiu Chap

Jessie said...

any idea if the ngau chap shop still there. some say the one opposite hiltop dim sum is the best in town. any comment

Jacquelin said...

Jessie, sorry I just saw your comment. Did you mean the Kah Hiong one?

Well, some say that's good too, but I personally think it's only so-so. I very much prefer the Menggatal Ngiu Chap or even the Hainan Ngiu Chap, located either at Damai Plaza Ph.4, or the one across the road from this Menggatal Ngiu Chap @ Inanam.

But hey, different people, different taste buds, right? :)

Anonymous said...

This 1 really good! i highly recomend mengatal ngiu chap. Yummy! @_@!