Creative Burgers @ Chef Gusteau's

Those who works in Centrepoint all seem to know about this tiny eatery called Chef Gusteau's, found on basement floor. We heard that the chef's specialty here are the western food, so to those who have eaten here, is it true?

In fact, Wei Chuen always eats here as well, and the one burger that he always orders is the Gusteau's Homemade Fresh Stew Beef Burger [RM4.00 for normal, RM6.50 for set, which includes chips and a drink] Very interesting but quite delicious burger, I must say.

We also love their Orange Juice. Remember an orange powdered drink called Tang? It tasted just like that! Yummy!

Have you eaten here before? What have you tried, and what do you recommend?


Renzo said...

chef gusteau's names reminds me of Ratatouille movie ^~^