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Mode Cafe

WC and I have been spending quite a lot of out time lately at Mode Cafe, located at Asia City Complex (or KAC for short).

The reason?

It's simply because WC can't get enough of this dish:

Black Bean Beef with Kway Teow

Black Bean Beef with Kway Teow (RM6.50), and I must admit, it's very delicious, especially with its thick gravy! Yumm! A must try!

Wa Tan Ho

I on the other hand, tried this Seafood Wat Tan Ho (RM5.50), but I was a tad disappointed because the seafood's taste of un-freshness. (is there such a word? LOL..)

Portuguese Chicken

On our second trip to this place, we also tried this Portuguese Chicken (RM7.00), which is filled with "chicken pieces with carrot & green bell pepper in a buttery mild curry sauce. And these are topped with mozzarella cheese and baked into perfection" - exact description of this dish!

And gosh, the cheese taste is VERY strong! And overall it's an okay dish.

French Fried Supreme

But this particular dish: the French Fried Supreme (RM6.50) is definitely my new favourite side dish! I just love the taste of nacho cheese, and this dish has lots of it, plus some chicken minced meat too! Great combo on top of french fries!

I also love that the place is a wifi zone area, so you can chill there with your laptop too!

Mode Cafe
Lot G.8, Ground Floor
Asia City Complex, Kota Kinabalu
(or you can click HERE to see the shop's location map)
Tel: (+60) 88 447 186
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