My apologies for not regularly updating this blog. I've been so busy with my other freelance work that I hadn't had the time to do a proper review of the places we've dined at.

But as a sneak peak of a much awaited post:

Spices, a new Indian Restaurant located at Alamesra! Coming up real soon, I promise! :)

Isn't it nice to have some quality pots and pans in your kitchen, so that all the food can be cooked properly, and not burnt or stuck on the pans?

*Taken from the previous KK Food Reviews blog, but this restaurant is still our top choice for Thai Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu!*

Recently I have this craving for some Tom Yam Goong. I’ve tried a few Thai restaurants here in KK, but some of them aren’t what I expected. So WC brought me to Petagas to eat at Prapeni Thai.

The first time I’ve been to this eatery was a couple of years back, and it’s nice to see that the place looks better now.

Tom Yam Goong (seafood)

Here at Prapeni Thai, you can either order a big bowl of Tom Yam Goong (for more than 2 pax), or you can order a small bowl for just a single person (pic above). This Tom Yam Goong is served with a plate of rice. You can also have a choice for either spicy or non-spicy ones. But to me, I very much prefer the spicy version! But just be careful that you don’t accidentally bite the cili padi or you’ll end up crying like I did! So after some time, I removed the cili padi from the soup in order for me not to bite into them again! LOL!

But the verdict of this Tom Yam Goong: excellent!

Sup Tulang (oxtail soup) Tom Yam

You can also choose this sup tulang (oxtail soup), Tom Yam version if you want something different. It basically tastes like sup tulang + tom yam soup. It’s also very delicious! I’m going to order this again on my next visit there!

If I’m not mistaken, the price for each small bowl of tom yam goong and sup tulang soup is about RM6.50 each.

And finally, the location. The above is the exact location, but if you still do not know where it is, just find the furniture shop called Rustica, and go into the junction after it. It should lead you to a few rows of shoplots, and Prapeni Thai is located to the right hand side of these shop lots.

*Prapeni Thai also serve Malay dishes*