An overdue post, but better post them late than never, huh?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email to sample Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake, and since I just love chocolate cakes (especially moist ones! My fav!) I quickly replied and said that I would love to try them out! 

I've also seen them in stores someplace around KK, but I just can't seem to remember where I saw it.. in Putatan somewhere I think. I was curious to try them out but didn't get to do so before.

Until now.

I was so busy with work that I had to postpone my meet up with them several times (so sorry about this!) but we finally managed to set up a date on a weekend and stuck to it.

And when I finally met Auntie Faridah (she asked me to call her that :)), my impression of her? She is a very nice lady; easy to get along with and talk to. :) 

Plus, she gave me A LOT of cakes to sample on! 

3 different shapes of containers (mega, standard and cupcake size). That's 7 containers altogether! A lot, right??

I was actually expecting just 1 container actually; it was supposed to be just a sample anyway. 

But 7 containers filled with Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cakes? Wow! And the mega and standard sized containers all came with a spoon inside too. How convenient is that?

So I quickly drove home and immediately opened one of the medium sized containers.. scooped in.. and this greeted me:

Soft, moist chocolate cake with gooey topping. Oooh! LOVE!

It was SO good; the cake just melts in your mouth, and the sweetness is just right! It's just perfect! I don't know how else to describe it!

I love it so much that I had 3 containers of it back-to-back that afternoon, while the hubby had some of the cupcake size in the middle of the night, as he called it the perfect midnight snack! LOL! 

The cupcake size, perfect for door gifts or for parties! 

My personal favourite size is the standard size container; the amount is just nice.. not too much, and not too little. 

So how many of you have tried Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake? It's delicious, right??

To those of you who have not tried this yet, you can find them at the many locations below!
  • Restoran Rohayu (Sembulan)
  • Rohayu Tanjung Aru
  • KKIA (Asian Delight Cafe - extreme left on departure hall level)
  • LCCT (1st Floor cafe)
  • Kedai Runcit Sang Suria (Pasar Besar KK)
  • Honey Candy Shop (2nd floor KK Plaza)
  • Little Berries (near All Saints and Giant Likas)
  • Pick & Pay (Luyang, Kepayan, Lintas)
  • BTC Cafe (inside SMC Likas)
  • Nur Ain Restaurant and Catering (near Open University)
  • Yee Fung Minimarket (Pasir Putih, Putatan)
  • Kedai Runcit Riduan (Putatan)
  • Kedai Makan Sri Haji (behind BSN Putatan)
  • Kirameki Cafe (1st floor Star City)
  • Petronas Station (Jalan Lintas)
  • J's Kitchen & Cafe (Hilltop)

Thank you again Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake for letting me try your cake! You have definitely turned me into a fan! I can't wait to buy more! :)

Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake
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