Coffebean December Drinks (And Food) Promo

** Even though I've already posted it on my personal blog, I thought I should post it here as well (with some additional info), since it has something to do about reviewing their food as well! **


Coffeebean December Drink Tasting

JulianSabah invited me to join some bloggers and media people for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf December drinks (and some food) tasting at Waterfront earlier in December. Turns out it was Shan who was in charge of this gathering! Thanks Shan! :)

The December drinks (2 new drinks and 2 seasonal drinks):

CoffeeBean December Drinks

Drinks from left:

  • Marshmallow Double Hot Chocolate [RM13.50]
  • Peppermint Ice Blended [RM13.50 reg]
  • Peppermint Latte [RM12.50 reg]
  • Double Chocolate Ice Blended [RM13.50 reg]
  • Double Chocolate Latte [RM12.50 reg]

Mr.Voon also explained to us generally about these seasonal and promotional drinks. He personally predicted that the Marsmallow Double Hot Chocolate would be a keeper, and I sincerely hope that it would be too!

If you guys haven’t tried these drinks yet, I’d personally suggest that you guys try the Marshmallow Double Hot Chocolate; it’s so darn good! OMG! Perfect drink to have during the rainy weather, and it’s also a great drink to get yourself in the Christmas mood! ;)

I forgot to try the peppermint drinks, though! Argh! So I’m sorry guys; can’t tell ya what it tastes like.. (any of you guys tried it before? Comments?) My other fellow blogger friends recommended that you guys should order the Peppermint Ice Blend the next time you’re there. So keep that (and the marshmallow drink!) in mind ya! ;)


We also got to try out some of the food there, and this is the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich [price: RM13.50], using the (newly introduced to the menu as of December) Nordlander Bread!

What is Nordlander Bread, you ask? It's a classic Northern European bread made from a healthy recipe of natural grains, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and spices. And you can choose different types of sandwiches. Check out the website for more details!

But my personal favourite food that night was none other than the Lasagna [price: RM16.90]! It looks simple, and yet.. very delicious!

If you haven't done so, I suggest that you guys check out these food and drinks! Also, check out JulianSabah and LifeInBorneo’s post about this too!


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