Pork Galore @ Tambayan

* Non-halal post*

I first tried a Filipino dish called Sisig Pampanga late last year while out in a pub in Api-Api Centre, and that was when my curiosity sparked on what kind of Filipino dishes are considered 'their signature dishes'.

I was then told about this great and hugely proportioned dish called the Crispy Pata, and I promised my friends that I will bring some of them and try it with me.

And thus, here we are at Tambayan, a Filipino Restaurant that serves 100% Filipino food (well, that's what their tagline says anyway). It is located at Api-Api Centre, right beside the Perodua showroom.

Tambayan At Kainang Filipino

This is how it looks like from the entrance; decor is like a traditional bamboo house-like, with bamboos seen on the walls, on the table, and on the lamps.

* Useful tip: Try to get a seat near a fan as it tend to be quite stuffy and hot inside!

Without realising, we had ordered pork on all 3 of our dishes! (I highly discourage you all to do so.. order all pork for your dishes! We now feel like we could forgo pork for a week!)

Nilagong Baboy

For soup, we had the Nilagang Baboy, which is the pork broth with potatoes and vegetables [price: RM7.00]. This is a yummy soup (though it's a little bit salty for me), with generous amount of pork and veggies inside.

Ratings: 3 out of 5.

Sisig Pampanga

We also ordered the Sisig Pampanga, or sizzling diced pork [price RM7.00]. Although this is delicious (and a favourite to some, I know), I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to stand the powerful smell of the liver in it. I would also appreciate it even more if they clean the pork skin properly so that there isn't any pork hair coming out of my food.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Crispy Pata

And finally, this is the signature dish, the Crispy Pata, or Crispy Pork Leg [price: RM30.00]. If you just love pork, then you have to try this dish! It's very crunchy (espeically the skin, it's very yummy!), and very meaty. A very generous portion is given, so it's certainly value for money. The only drawback is that if only there's a better sauce to go with this, instead of just the soy sauce and chilli. Take note, you need to have around 4 people to finish this dish, believe me! 3 people if all of you are big eaters!

Rating: 4 out of 5 (3.5 for taste, 0.5 for value of $).

This is a great place to drink with friends while enjoying the crispy pata. Everything is also very reasonably priced. I just hope there wouldn't be anymore hair on my food the next time.

Tambayan Filipino Restaurant
Ground Floor, Api-Api Centre (beside Perodua Showroom)
Tel: 088 - 241 853


reanaclaire said...

wow.. great foodstuff over here.. something i would love to taste.. i m a food taster..haha.. dont eat in quantities but just small shares..
hair in dish? that is always common among malaysians..haha

Cath J said...

Hair in the dish?? *glup*...anyway would love to visit this place.. ;-)

Ching Hermosa said...

Hmm I have to try this one before really agreeing with your review. But then great inputs by the way.

black magic woman said...

dont think i can anything with hair sticking out of it..*lol*

tried the Crispy Pata and it's so yummy! I can finish it on my own Jacq..haha! rangkah kan.. :)

Next time try the Pork Adobo.

JACQ said...

reanaclaire, nice to meet you :) well, human hair or the animal hair itself, common, true.. but I've never liked it being on my food. I think it's disgusting lah

Cath J, ya the pork hair (or whatever you call it) still sticking on some of the skin. But ya, give it a try. The food's still very good anyways. :)

Ching Hermosa, yea it's just my opinion and what I experience that night. Please go and try it yourself and get back to me ya. :)

black magic woman, OMG you can finish Impressive! I salute you woman! Yes, I want to try the pork Adobo the next time too. I heard it's good as well! Thanks for reminding me :)

Ching Hermosa said...

Sure Jacq! :) By the way I noticed that my website isn't appearing well just in case you want to read what I think about food being the food buff that I also am. Cheers!

ken said...

The original Tambayan Boss and chef are not now in tambayan anymore they opened a filipino restaurant also at Asia City besides Pirate Bar and Cowboy Karaoke thats why the food and service now at Tambayan is not same before.I heard that the Filipino Restaurant at Asia City will be operational this coming January or February owned by former Boss and Chef of Tambayan Restaurat