[Now Closed] All About The Crabs @ Peach Garden Cafe

Well, that's what I think the eatery is called. You know, the restaurant located beside the King Park Hotel in Bandaran Berjaya here in KK? You can't miss it; you can even see it from the main road, or if standing at the Cathay Cineplex across the street.

Anyways, we have never actually eaten inside this eatery before, but WC had several times tapau'd some food home from Peach Garden, and it's mostly this dish right here:

Fried Meehoon with Crab

Fried meehoon with crab [price: RM18.00]. Where else do you know is serving this dish this cheap? We're talking about crabs here, people!

And this one as well:

Sweet & Sour Crab 2

Sweet & Sour Crab [price: RM18.00]. Makes other crab restaurants in KK look like nothing. Portion is a lot, very meaty, taste is just nice, too.

There's only one thing you have to know when dining here: the old lady chef takes her sweet time to cook, so you might have to wait for a while for your food. But according to WC, it doesn't really matter, because the food is REALLY good. And you know what? I agree 100%!

I'm still thinking whether I should have blogged about this place or not. Everyone might go there and get this dish now, and the eatery might raise their price after this! LOL! Just kidding. Go and try it out! I'm sure you'd like the food.


clement said...

wuah..... i wan

a.l.u.s said...

look sadap!!!!!

madmoz said...

I go home to KK, you bring me jalan jalan can?
those crabs look delicious!

VINCENT said...


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Cath J said...

Very tempting..

JACQ said...

clement, go and get it lah! ;)

a.l.u.s., memang pun sadap!

madmoz, haha.. sure no problem!

VINCENT, cool, ok! And thanks for dropping by! :)

Cath J, it's a great dish while watching tv! ;)

jam said...

I will be going to KK end of this year. Can I know the exact location of this place?


Hey, may i know the exact address of Peach Garden Cafe? Thanks. (:

Caneeliea said...

Sorry, this place is now closed.

CathJ said...

Miss your food blog so much... it's like having food feast without really eating them...

burpp.. kenyang (makan gambar).. ;-p ;-p