Sandakan Mee @ Golden Food Corner


Golden Food Corner is located at Jalan Damai, near the Damai Hall, and situated at the same row of shoplot as the Cosway (there is only one shoplot there). Refer to map below..

Golden Food Corner is also famous for its delicious chicken rice. It would usually be finished by 1pm! So what I usually do is buy it or have it there as an early lunch. Tip for you guys! ;)

Sandakan Mee

Recently I was there for breakfast as well, and was recommended the Sandakan Mee by the owner. It tastes something like Tuaran Mee, but just a tad drier and crispier. It's my new favourite breakfast now!

Have it a try when you're nearby, not only for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner, and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as sandakan mee. it's puzzling to see 'sandakan mee' banners in kk. and actually, it is difficult for anyone to find the noodle pictured in sandakan. so yeah, dont know where those 'sandakan mee' came from...

Cath J said...

What ever it is.. Looks delicious!!

JACQ said...

Anon, banners? Who said anything about banners here? Well, don't know what the coffeeshop owner named the dish as that, maybe you should ask him, huh?

Cath J, yes it looks AND tastes delicious!

Jessie said...

If i m not wrong, the chicken rice stall operator has moved to the damai corner shop (xhiang xhiang pan mee), next to strawbery cake house). The chicken rice is not bad, serve with their home made ginger sauce