Delicious Crepes @ The Crepes Express

Crepes Express

Many of you might not have noticed this crepes stall at basement floor, Centrepoint. If you have not tried their many choices of crepes, then you are missing out on some good food!

I first discovered this stall when the owner contacted me to do their their food & drinks menu recently and now, I must stop by their stall to order the crepes and drinks whenever I go to Centrepoint!

Crepes Express Menu
Their Food & Drinks menu, done by yours truly

Their many choices of crepes! Very yummy, trust me, I've tried most of them!

They have a variety of crepes, and some of my personal favourites are the Chocolate Rice Cheese Crepe, Banana Chocolate Crepe, Savoury Crepe, and Kebab Crepe! (Have these a try and let me know what you think ya?)

Oh, bear in mind that the Kebab Crepe, Savoury Crepe, Savoury Floss Crepe and Vegetarian Crepe are quite heavy and can be eaten as a meal alone!

I would always order the Savoury Crepe for my meal, Cheezy Crepe for my dessert, and Pearl Milk Tea for my drink! Complete meal!

Go and give it a try. It's located on basement floor at Centrepoint, near McDonalds, Southern Bakery, the DVD shop, and the Chicken Rice stall. You can't miss it. It's also near the elevators.


Cath J said...


Steve Jate said...

look nice...I will try it later because I'm also in KK.

JACQ said...

Cath J, I'm almost ashamed to admit, I'm an addict to their crepes now lol.. must have it at least twice each week!

Steve Jate, cool! Make sure you have their Banana Chocolate Crepe! I buy that at least twice a week! Absolutely love it! ;)

nur said...

hi..i want to ask you
is it only located in KK?
where else can i find it WM