Mango Lassi @ The Roof Restaurant

Mocktail of the Month, April '09
[photo & artwork done by yours truly]

If you are a fan of Mango Lassi, then you should definitely give this Mango Lassi [price : RM12 nett] at The Roof Restaurant a try! It IS after all their Mocktail of the Month (as mentioned on the ad above), along with the Orange Lassi as well!

** Click HERE for more information on these drinks **

Mango Lassi has always been MY favourite drink, and it's not easy to find one that uses the actual fruit on their lassi, so I'm very pleased when I first heard about it. And after trying it myself recently, I was sold! On the spot! Haha..

No seriously, it's very delicious; the amount of yoghurt is just right, which adds a slight sour-ish taste to the drink, the fruit taste is sweet (but not too sweet), and the drink texture is very creamy.

And you can have that drink to go with any food, but it's most perfect for The Roof's April Dish of the Month, the Nasi Briyani [price: RM25 nett]!


Cath J said...

Great!! Thanks for the info..

Anonymous said...

If you like Mango Lassi, you must try the one at Anjappar!

JACQ said...

Cath J, no problem :)

Anon, I did, several times actually. That's okay as well.