Restoran Original Village Recipe [NOW CLOSED]

Restoran Original Village Recipe

I've always just passed by the Restoran Original Village Recipe in Damai Point before this, and wondered what sort of dishes they serve. Well, the KK Food Reviews team finally got to try it out last night.

Restoran Original Village Recipe Decor

First of all, I just gotta say that I love their decor! Sure, it's open aired, but I didn't mind so much as soon as I saw the comfortable couch! The ambience has a mixture of old and modern feel to it, sort of like a modern-aged kopitiam. We like!

Herbal Tea

For drinks, we had the Rose Petal Herbal Tea

And for the main course..

Mushroom Chicken with Noodle

WC had the Mushroom Chicken served with Noodle [price: RM8.50]. Presentation for their food is also very appetising, and even though the noodle looks plain, when eaten together with the mushroom and the chicken, it really blends well together. I would recommend you all to try this dish, and you can either choose noodle or rice to go with it.

Curry Fish with Rice

I tried their Curry Fish served with Rice [price: RM8.50]. Like WC's dish, presentation was good for mine as well. If you like Indian food, then you would surely love this dish!

It was good for me, but slightly too spicy for my liking, and mental note: be careful with all those fish bones when eating this!

Chicken Wings & Wuo Tie

We also ordered some side dishes, like the Fried Chicken Wings [price: 4.40], and the Fried Wuo Tie, filled with Spinach, Garlic, and Pork [price: RM8.00]. Both are really delicious, and we'd definitely order them again the next time we're here!

So if you happen to be in Damai Point, why not drop by at this restaurant and dine here?

damai point

Restoran Original Village Recipe
Lot 24, Ground Floor, Block C, Damai Point, Off Jalan Damai
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm
(Closed every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month)
Any inquiries: 016-812 5991


Meitzeu said...

The food looks scrumptious~~
I always pass by that restaurant, but didn't realise that the food was delicious like you described.
Will try it next time.

ganache-ganache said...

Damai Point, is it where Vegas is ?

JACQ said...

Meitzeu, the food is good, but what I like most about the place is the couch! Great place to hang out! LOL!

ganache-ganache, yes, it's the same area, but it's the block behind Yoyo Cafe.

Cath J said...

Woww...thanks for sharing... ;-)