Manhattan Fish Market @ 1Borneo

Manhattan Fish Market

I always seem to just pass by the Manhattan Fish Market, located at the Concourse Floor of 1Borneo, but I have never eaten there. Until recently!

When we were at 1Borneo recently, we finally gave it a try, as I wanted to find out how their All Time Favourite Fish N Chips tasted like.

Fried Calamari

We first ordered the Fried Calamari [price: RM11.90]. Portion-wise, it was good, but it tasted quite bland to me. It was only an eh.. experience.


For their Fish n Chips, you can choose the types of fish (as per above)..

Manhattan Fish & Chips
Fish N Chips; Alaskan Pollock & Pacific Dory

WC and I both had the Fish N Chips, but his version was the Alaskan Pollock version [price: RM17.90], and mine was the Pacific Dory version [price: RM16.90]. I personally prefer this version of the Fish N Chips as compared to the other Fish N Chips at an eatery at Warisan Square (even though the portion served at Warisan is much bigger) as it's less oily, and the fries tasted better. It's not the skinny fries, enough said!

We also noticed that the Pacific Dory version was much bigger and thicker than the Alaskan Pollock version; tastes slightly better too (but remember this is just our opinion).

Our final verdict?

WC still prefer the Fish N Chips served at Warisan Square, as the fried calamari and the portion of the fish and chips are more there. As for me, either place is fine. How about you? Have you tried Manhattan Fish Market before?


ekeng said...

i prefer Fish & Co seafood platter. Tell you something. In KK, the fish & Chips in Fish & Co. sell at RM 14.90. but in KL & PJ, they sell the same thing at RM 9.90 only..Hehe :) Cheap ha.

Val said...

Hi Jacq, :)

I've tried both fish n chips in both places above... and like you said it's just oklah. I've never fancy fish n chips bah hehe, but since it was on my boss's account, so I just try it for a change.

Ok bah.

JACQ said...

ekeng, ooh I haven't tried that! And about the pricing, really?? Wow, big difference. Lucky for you guys there in KL & PJ la..

Val, boss' account huh? Well, as they said, bila lagi kan? Teehee! ;)