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The people over at CUBE Restaurant & Wine Lounge contacted me last week, and asked whether I would be interested in doing a food review at their restaurant.

Interested? Are you kidding me?? I told them I would love to do it and have it featured here on my blog!

And so I brought WC and Impedius along for the food review on Tuesday night.

CUBE is located at City Mall on the ground Floor (beside Vedablu) and has been opened for almost a year now; in fact, November is its first year anniversary! Happy Birthday CUBE!

Back Entrance Of CUBE
A lot of people think this is the front entrance, but it's not. It's actually the back entrance!

Front Entrance Of CUBE
This is the actual front entrance! And now you know!

The seating areas of CUBE is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: The private seating area (the place was actually quite big, with a few tables inside, but there were some people dining there, so I just took a corner shot of the area cuz I didn't wanna disturb their privacy)

Section 2: the open spaced air-conditioned area (love the decor BTW!)

And Section 3, the open-aired area (which can be seen on the front entrance photo above)

Adam, the F&B Manager, described us in great detail of the restaurant as well as each food in the menu. It was certainly very entertaining! He was also very attentive to what we need throughout the night. Makes you feel so welcomed there! I like!

And they had already prepared what we should eat that night:

Unforgettable Taste
The Unforgettable Taste (Steamed Village [kampung] Chicken), priced at RM20++. FYI, this dish is good for 2 pax.

Secret Sauce Fillet
The Secret Sauce Fillet, priced at RM36++ (I LOVE this! Yummy!)

Prosperity Dish
The veggie dish called Prosperity, priced at RM15++

Braised Pork Belly
And CUBE's signature dish, the Braised Pork Belly, priced at RM20++. This dish is also good for 2 pax. It's a lot of pork! Seriously!

This dish is served with a bowl of rice, and as well as this:

Man Tou
Man Tou, or Chinese steamed bun.

And our dessert, the Sweetie Sesame Ball, priced at RM6++. It had some sort of egg custard inside! Yum yum!

As the name of the restaurant suggests, this restaurant is also a wine lounge..

which serves mid range to expensive types of wines.

Pouring Of Wine

We got to try their red wine (Hardys Collection, priced at RM40++ during Happy Hour [3-9pm], usual price RM59++) as well as the white wine (Jacob's Creek, priced at RM69++). I I know I'm no expert in wines, but I just know that both are quite good, so I'll definitely be back for their Happy Hour Promotion!

We dined at CUBE the next night again, and tried their other dishes, like the CUBE Melon soup (which I love! So many portions, and very delicious!), the Unforgettable Taste (steamed chicken) again, and the Oxtail with Sacha Sauce. I'll surely be back again one of these days to try their other dishes! You can count on it!

Okay, now with the promotion!
  • The Happy Hour Promotion. House wines are served at 3-9pm daily, and priced at RM40++!
  • Their Set Lunch, which is either Baked Cheese Fish Fillet Rice, Curry Chicken Rice, or Cube Noodles, plus dessert (fruits) and drinks (Vietnamese Coffee or English Tea) priced at only RM14.99++!
  • Dishes of the month: the Unforgettable Taste (the steamed chicken mentioned above), the Scrumptious (Sesame Chicken with Thai Salad Sauce) priced at RM25++, and the Simply Delicious (Salt & Pepper Chicken) priced RM14++!
So if you haven't tried out CUBE, why not give it a try today and try their dishes of the month? And FYI, CUBE is also available for catering and private functions, too!

CUBE Restaurant & Wine Lounge
B8-G, Ground Floor, City Mall
Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: +60-88-484 675
Email: cube_fusion@hotmail.com