Chu Chap @ Raja Wang Cafe

Raja Wang Cafe

Last week, the KK Food Reviews team got called to do a food review over at Raja Wang Cafe, located in New World Commercial Centre in Donggongon. So of course we said 'sure!'.

We were told that a lot of patrons not only go and have their meals there, but Raja Wang Cafe is also a regular place to chill and drink, especially among the older crowds.

Grilled Stingray

We got to try their 2 main signature dishes, which is the Grilled Stingray [RM3 per 100g]. We quite like that the stingray wasn't grilled until burnt and dry, and their 'sambal' sauce is quite tasty and spicy.

**You can also order the Grilled Squid [RM3.50 per 100g] here**

Chu Chap

And this one is a sure must-have: Chu Chap, or Pork Innards [Medium=RM5, Large=RM10]. The above was large portion, and when divided to a few people, you will need to order MORE than 1 plate of this dish! Seriously! It's that yummy!

You can also come here and try their breakfast menu, like the Chu Chap Kon Lo Mee!

Personally, we'll surely be there again. Heck, if Donggongon was just a mere 10-minute radius drive away, we'd be there all the time just for the Chu Chap! Hehe.. To those of you who have tried their other dishes, care to share on your experience dining here as well?

Raja Wang Cafe
New World Commercial Centre
Donggongon Penampang


Cath J said...

Ayoooo...hope managed to try before back to KL.. =(

Lady Violet said...

aiyo..of course they cook nice nice for u la since they know u were coming..

chegu carol said...

owh ini dekat rmh saja ni.
thanks for the review...will look for the chuchap!

Sapuche said...

This sounds like a great place to eat with friends and just hang out. The grilled stingray looks amazing (I've never had stingray before) and I'd love to try the chu chap, too. I hope you go back soon and do a full review of their breakfasts!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jacq, was at your other blog page and decided to pop in here. Glad I did.
Wow! Love these dishes.
Was in Sarawak last in the '80s.
Anyway, I eat to live, not live to eat, ha ha.

You have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

MimieJay said...

aiyo..I'm at lost! nama ja orang

I'm sure i've heard of the name but can you tell me what kedai next to it?

My mum loves chu chap.. I'm sure she'll love this..^^