May '09 Food Photos in APPETiTE, Bandwidth Streetpress

Bandwidth Streetpress Cover of May '09

As some of you may have already know, I am now a columnist for a local magazine/streetpress called Bandwidth Streetpress, for their food section called APPETiTE. I not only contribute the words, but also the photos as well.

My May '09 food article in APPETiTE, Bandwidth Streetpress

This is my article (and photos) for May '09 issue of Bandwidth Streetpress. This month, I was asked to review The Roof Restaurant! (This is my second month of publishing an article in Bandwidth, btw)

I thought I'd post the published photos here on KK Food Reviews every month as well, so you readers can check out the pics in a bigger size.

So here you go!

Interior of The Roof Restaurant
Interior of The Roof Restaurant

Tuna Salad
Starters: The Tuna Salad

Mushroom soup
Starters: Mushroom soup

Roasted Chicken
Main Course: Roasted Chicken with mix veggies on the side

Kota Belud Fried Rice
Main Course/Promo of the Moment: Chicken Biryani

Chocolate cake
Dessert: Chocolate Moist Cake

The chef behind all the yummy food
The chef and some of his food masterpiece

Go and grab a copy of Bandwidth Streetpress today for your reading pleasure. It's free!


Cath J said...

Thank you for sharing all the photos fren..good also lah, coz I am staying here in selangor..I don't think the magazine sell here right??

I am always loyal to see whats your upcoming food review.. ^_^

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Pete said...

Nice photos. I don't think this magazine is available in KL!