Sam Pok's Grill

Whenever we pass the Foo Chow building in Luyang, we were always curious because there's a sign at the gate entrance that says "Sam Pok's Grill". So both WC and I finally gave in to our curiosity and checked it out a few nights ago.

Sam Pok's Grill is located at the canteen area of the complex/building, i.e. you have to drive all the way to the left hand side of the building, and park your car there, and walk a few steps up. Then you will see this:


A big, long open space, with the wonderful aroma of the food everywhere! Certainly a great way to open up one's appetite!


Some of the food you can order at Sam Pok's Grill, but don't worry, you will be given a menu once you sit down.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Both WC and I ordered western food, so we each got a Cream Of Mushroom soup for free! Yummy!

We both had a hard time ordering as the menu is quite extensive. But WC finally ordered this:

Grilled Chicken Chop with Cheese

Grilled Chicken Chop Baked with Cheese [price: RM15]. Portion-wise, it's looks like it's not a lot, but by the time you finish, you'd think otherwise!

I personally thought this Grilled Chicken Chop was delicious, and I'm no expert in cheese, I thought that the ones used in this dish was good as it didn't have a strong smell and taste (just slightly), so I was able to enjoy the chicken better. WC on the other hand, prefer to have the more stronger cheese.

I guess it all depends on your personal tastebud, huh?

Roast Lamb

This is what I ordered: Roast Lamb [price: RM15]. I can have a choice of 3 sauce: Mint, Black Pepper, and Mushroom. I choose the Black Pepper sauce, and I was not disappointed! Like I've mentioned above about the portion, this dish is the same: it looks very little, but at the end of the meal, I got quite full. And I LOVE this dish! The roast lamb is juicy and tender, and together with the sauce, I finished it in no time! I love that there were still a lot of sauce leftover, so I could dip my fries into them and eat. Yum! I didn't care much for the coleslaw, though, but WC and I thought it was too much on the sour side.

* You'll be biting into whole peppers (not crushed) the whole time you're eating though, but it was no biggie for me.

Overall, we'd certainly come back here again; I have to have the roast lamb one more time! And there is also a mutton curry rice on the menu; I want to try that, too!


Sam Pok's Grill
Foo Chow Building
Luyang, Kota Kinabalu.
For inquiries, call: (+60)16 810 2636



val said...

wah.. grill is another thing!

I will give it a try here, thks for the info Jacq :)

cereal87 said...

Finally the western food is back there. Its been ages since the last 1 closed down. Will drop by to try when I am back in kk :)

Aditya said...

I'm a big foodie, loves to try dishes of different countries.

will be back to eat some more :)

kennhyn said...

any review with food and beer?