Bao Jian Tang

Bao Jian Tang

Bao Jian Tang is one of my favourite places to go to for my herbal drink fix. And recently, I went with not only WC, but sis Jewelle and BIL as well.

Herbal Jelly/Drinks

These are what we ordered: Sea Coconut + White Fungus [price: RM3], Red Bean [price: RM2.50], and my favourite, the "Fu Chuk" Barley [price: RM2.50].

I like the fact that these desserts aren't too sweet (I just cannot stand sweet things), unlike others served elsewhere. Also, notice my smooth Fu Chuk Barley? You won't be able to see any of the "Fu Chuk"; it's all blended up like a drink! I don't mind though. It's delicious!

You can ask for your drinks/desserts to be warmed up before serving it to you, which is what I always do.

But this dish..

Special Raw Fish Dish

It's actually called "Special Raw Fish Dish" [price: RM10 for medium size]. Even though it's supposed to be raw fish, it tastes more like steamed fish, probably due to the generous amount of ginger being put on the sauce! No taste of raw fish at all! But even though I love raw fish (like on those Japanese sushi), I just can't seem to able to eat a lot of this. So I let the guys finish this interesting dish. I know I suck. Lol..

Apart from selling desserts and herbal drinks (and the special raw fish dish), Bao Jian Tang also serve Noodles as well as Porridges, and these dishes are quite reasonable; they all range from RM4.50 - RM5 each. Just don't expect to see happening crowds there though. This is not Yoyo (where all the cool kids hang out and drink)!

But it's okay. I personally like this place because it's quiet (most of the time) and there aren't that many people. Gosh, I must be getting old. Lol..


Bao Jian Tang
Damai Point
(same row as Yoyo Cafe, beside The Tobacco Shop)



ekeng said...

here got Gui Ling Gao or not? I just love Gui Ling Gao at Kwong Wor Tong KL.

terri@adailyobsession said...

this is great, i've never checked this place out. thanx, will go soon. btw, tt new dessert hse in old foh san (next to asia chinese medicine shop)SUCKS big time. everything i tried was BAD.

Our wedding said...

my favourite place for food...