Fish Noodle Soup @ Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant

I don't know how I could have forgotten about this yummy fish noodle soup at Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant! I remember a couple of years back, I used to have this almost every Sunday for brunch, but for some reason, I just never got around to blogging about it!

But I finally got to eat it again last week, thanks to my brother and SIL! And this time, I made sure I took a photo of it before eating! 

For my dish above, I ordered the fresh fish and fish eggs. I don't know why, but I LOVE to eat fried fish eggs! So together with the soup, the fish eggs tastes even better!

The fish noodle soup (with fish eggs) above costs RM10, reasonably priced in my opinion. Wait 'til you try it; you won't mind spending that much on it too, trust me! 

Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant
(located beside Prudential building, facing Jalan Lintas)
Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu


CathJ said...

Yummy food... Looking at your boog to see what where to eat..:)

Jewelle said...

They have 3 kinds of soup base - tomato, plain and tom yam.

We were told that if we didn't specify, the standard soup is tomato, which was very delicious to me. Next time will try their plain soup base.

Sheue Li said...

ya, this fish noodle soup really yummy. I likes it very much too.

But once a time I tapao for my boyfriend, and we both feel that, it is not that tasty when the soup is cold.

Jenny said...

Sedap the fish head noodle. I have tried it too... Cant resist of it temptation... hahahaha

Agnes said...

Mmm~ my favourite. I like their side dish - deep fried fu chuk and wontons too!