Uncle Lee Fish House

The KK Food Reviews team just love checking out unknown eateries around Kota Kinabalu. To me, I'm just not that into visiting an eatery where I have to stand and wait for an empty seat, then wait even longer for my food to arrive!

We do love going to lesser known eateries though, where there are less people around. No problem in finding seats, and food arrive in less than 1/2 hour! This way, we get to talk to the owner of the place (if they're around, that is), and get better service!

Uncle Lee Fish House

So anyway, I'm sure some of you have heard of Uncle Lee Fish House, located somewhere at Jalan Bundusan. Let me begin by saying that it's not a fancy place at all, but the owner sure knows his food! And he recommended us these 2 dishes:

Mutton Curry

Mutton Curry. I absolutely love this dish ever since the beginning of time (LOL), but have only ordered it at curry house before. But the mutton curry here is delicious! The gravy is rich in spices taste, and the mutton is tender! There's not much of the 'mutton' smell, though; I'd personally prefer if there were, but I know a lot of people couldn't take it.


We also had this: Fish Lips with Spicy Black Bean Sauce, another of Uncle Lee's signature dish. Delicious. Be prepared to order a second bowl of rice!

We didn't ask the price for each dish, but if I'm not mistaken, the overall price was around RM30, inclusive of 4 glasses of cold Chinese Tea, 3 bowls of rice.

Uncle Lee Fish House
(somewhere along Jalan Bundusan)


Cath J said...

Fish LIPS!!!!!!!!! Mmmm...*Scratching chin*...

LElise83 said...

Hope you don't mind to tell where specifically is this Uncle Lee's. The muttons look yummy^^

Jessie said...

can u give further description of the location of this place, would love to check it out. open in the night time?

Anonymous said...

Not difficult to find, next to the road side. It’s more like home-cooking food, nothing spectacular – don’t expect to have live seafood, as most seafood are frozen. The fish lips wasn’t too fresh, as compare to other seafood places in KK. Owner Uncle Lee from Hong Kong some 40 years ago, he likes to speak to his clients.