Valentine Dinner @ The Roof Restaurant

This year, for the first time ever, my fiance WC and I had our first candlelight dinner. 'Twas very memorable: beautiful setting, nice food, friendly staff, the only thing missing was wine (we had to settle for sparkling juice). But let's not get into personal stuff on this blog and go on with talking about the food, shall we?

Prawn Salad

This is the Warm Grilled Garlic Prawn with Rocket Salad and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing. Both WC and I liked it; the prawn were very soft and easy to eat. I just wished there were more dressing on the salad but hey, that's just me.

Double Essence of Chicken with Bread

For the soup, we had Double Boiled Essence of Chicken with Wanton Dumpling In Coconut. Also served at the same time were some breadsticks and buns, with butter on the side. I loved the wanton, the soup, not so much. This is the only thing I didn't really like out of the whole dinner.

Beef Tenderloin

WC's main course, the Grilled Medallion of Beef Tenderloin served with Sweet Potato Timbale, accompanied with Sauteed Spinach, Glazed Carrots and Cream Herb Gravy. The beef was very rare but VERY red and tender inside! I LOVED it!

Stuffed Chicken

This is my main course, the Oven Roasted Stuffed Chicken Roulade in Green Apple-Pumpkin Puree, Served with Sabah Vegetable and Red Pepper Cream Sauce. I thought mine was delicious, although I had to ask for more sauce for mine as it weren't enough.

Chocolate Truffle

And for dessert, we both had the Chocolate Truffle served with Strawberry Coulis, together with Chocolate Pralines on the side. I loved this dessert, and I'm sure those chocolate lovers would think the same! It's sweet and yet tastes light enough to eat 'til it's gone!

[Coffee or Tea was also served during dessert time]

Chocolate Truffle 2

WC's dessert, the same but with different design

Overall, this Valentine Set Dinner cost us RM75 nett for 2 pax (excluding the sparkling juice). VERY affordable if you ask me, considering the very nice ambience, excellent service of staff, and good food!

I'll definitely consider coming here again for my next Valentine dinner.

The Roof Restaurant
11th Floor, Imperial International Hotel
Warisan Square
For Reservation: +6088-522 888
Operations Hours: Bfast:6.30-10.30am, Lunch:11.00am-2.30pm, Dinner:6.30pm-10.30pm


Mouren said...

The dessert looks good!

Cherish Tulips said...

Wow,looks really delightful. Where is this place in KK actually?

ganache-ganache said...

Hi, this is indeed very affordable, at the price for 2 pax ! Will check this place out, thanks for recommending.

JACQ said...

Moureen: It tasted good too! :)

Cherish Tulips: As written on the first paragraph, it's located at Warisan Square..

ganache-ganache, yes, exactly! And no problem. :)

Cath J said...

Oh wow... food looks about the place review?? ;-) any post on other blog?? hihihi

Fressi said...

Huh?? REally tat cheap?? 4 a hotel restaurant?? Man,must try it next year.....when my kids r old enuf to be bbsit....**then again,hope the $$ stil maintain**

JACQ said...

Cath.J, I just did one here on the same restaurant. ;)

Fressi, yup, it was sure a bargain, I tell you! That's why I booked my seat as soon as I found out about it! You can try saving up now.. ;)