CoffeeBean's CNY Promo Products

Remember my post about Coffeebean & Tea Leaf's December drinks on my personal blog? Well, Shan invited us bloggers to try out their Chinese New Year promo products a few days ago! Thanks again Shan!



The products of the moment: the Red Bean Ice Blended (RM12 reg), and the Mandarin Orange Cheese Cake (RM8.50 per slice)!



Since I love read bean, its no wonder that I fell in love with this drink as well! No joke! I am not into very sweet things, and I find that the sweetness of the drink is just nice; not too sweet and not too bland. That's just my opinion! ;)

The Mandarin Orange Cheese Cake is seriously VERY RICH in taste. I personally would doubt that ladies can finish a slice of it, but don't get me wrong! Surprisingly, the orange taste goes well with the cheesecake! It's actually quite delicious! You guys try it out and let me know what you think of it, yea?


There were other dishes for us bloggers to try out as well, though, silly me.. I forgot to take the names of the exact dishes! I gotta say, I loved the salad and the chicken chipotle sandwich, though! Yummy!

FYI, the Read Bean Ice Blended is available until around mid March this year, and if I'm not mistaken, the same goes to the cake. (Correct me if I'm wrong though anyone!)

** Keep a lookout here on KK Food Reviews for more promotional products from The Coffeebean & Tea Leaf in a couple months!


Cherish Tulips said...

Great blog!I'm Sabahan but living in KL.This blog is cool as it gives me info of great places to eat when I'm back in kk!

Cath J said...

Hi Cherish tulip! Terjumpa pula with u here.. LOL..

Ok Jacq...Thanks for sharing!!!!OMG!! Salads look sooo yummy... I will hunt for it when go bck kk soon...

val said...

ahh it's been quite some time since my last visit to CoffeeBean..

The promo's really inviting.. hmm I'm thinking, maybe... :)

TFS Jacq