Valentine's Day Lunch @ Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel

Wei Chuen didn't make any advance plans for our Valentine's Day this year, and in fact, he told me that since it coincides with the Chinese New Year as well, we would only be celebrating the latter.

But on that day itself, he told me to get ready for a late lunch, and brought me to a surprise location, which turned out to be Bella Italia in Jesselton Hotel!

The Inside of Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel

There was nobody there when we arrived; understandable since lunch hour is over. But that is actually a good thing; the chefs can concentrate solely on our food, and we can eat our meal in peace, instead of being surrounded by other patrons!

Wei Chuen ordered a 3-course meal, which costs RM55. It consists of:

Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna

Starter: Blue Marlin & Yellowfin Tuna (Carpaccio topped with lemon zest, mix peppercorn, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil)

This is an excellent choice for a starter; the sourness of the lemon zest and juice really brings out the hunger in you! Haha.. But I think we'd prefer our tuna to be at room temperature instead of cold the next time we order.

Medaglioni de Manzo

Main Course: Medaglioni di Manzo (Beef grilled tenderloin medallion served with a soft green peppercorn, market vegetables & potatoes of the day)

Wei Chuen asked for his meat to be medium rare, and it was done just nice, too; tender and juicy. Overall, he said it was very good.

Fantasia Di Maria

And for Dessert: Fantasia Di Maria, of course!! You have to have this chocolate gooey pudding whenever you come to Bella Italia! If you're not a chocolate lover, you will become one after you try this! Trust me! ;)

As for my meal, I ordered my all-time favourite dish whenever I come to Jesselton Hotel:

Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice

Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice! [Price: RM21) (Tip: Order drumstick everytime; it's a better choice!)

My dad used to bring the family to eat here back in the days, and all 6 of us would order this Chicken Rice. And ordering it this time didn't disappoint me still; the rice was as fragrant as I remembered it, and the chicken tender and juicy. MUST.HAVE.THIS.AGAIN.SOON...

Bella Italia @ Jesselton Hotel
69, Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu


TS Lim said...

Never knew there's chicken rice in bella italia. Gonna have to try it someday.

John ( said...

How big is the chicken rice? it looks like it can feed 2 ppl at least ..

epic4tan said...

really looks yummy, I'm about to try it at home but i guess i need to taste it first at Bella Italia. Good choice!


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xes said...

Thanks for the tips. Will be heading there for lunch soon!