Fresh Seafood @ Salut Seafood Restaurant

We have posted an entry about Salut Seafood Restaurant on the old KK Food Reviews foodblog, but we thought we'd redo a new entry about this favourite restaurant of ours here in Kota Kinabalu!

To be exact, it's not exactly in Kota Kinabalu.. here's a description on how to get there by fellow blogger,
Travel along Jalan Sulaman highway, after some 20 to 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City, one is going to pass by Salut Seafood Restaurant. Since it is quite out of the way for us KK-lites, this seafood restaurant is like a hidden gem. The price of seafood here is much cheaper compared with the other big seafood restaurants in the city. Tourists can get here by taxi; no buses up to this place yet. (grammars and spelling edited)
We were here at Salut once again last night, to let our new Japanese tourist friend experience some affordable seafood in Kota Kinabalu.

Tip: Go there in the evening, around 5:00-5:30pm, to view a breathtaking sunset over the river! (when in good weather, of course!) Click here to see us with the beautiful sunset sky there!

Here are the food that we had last night:

Fresh prawns! What better way to taste its freshness than to just have it steamed? Our favourite dish at Salut! We ordered 2KGs of these!

After the fresh steamed prawns, this Sapak (cooked with ginger) is another of our favourite! My favourite, actually! The gravy is perfect when put over the rice!

We've already let our tourist friend try the local veggie, Sabah Veggie a couple of days back, so this time we ordered another local veggie, the Kangkong, cooked with Belacan (shrimp paste) and chilli.

And 1/2 Kilo of each of these 2 clams!

This veggie dish came out last, and after feasting one the other delicious food above, this last dish was just blah for us. We had also ordered for some sea-cucumber to be included in this dish to let our friend try, but apparently it wasn't included. What a disappointment. So advice to you all who wants to come here in the future: don't order so fancy veggie dishes! Haha..

All these, plus, 2 glasses of juice, 2 glasses of cold Chinese Tea, and 2 bowls of rice, the total bill comes up to RM123.10. Considering the portion and number of dishes we had, this is cheap! Even our tourist friend was shocked! Teehee..

*While the food here is cheap, we learned that alcoholic beverages are not quite. Please ask for price before ordering alcoholic beverage, to be on the safe side!*


Cath J said...

*Slap on MY OWN face* I never been to this place yet.. Always wanted too!! T_T

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Harms Freebies and Reviews said...

Hi your blog looks very good nice and fresh and the pictures are fantastic.

StrawberrY Gal said...

wah , i miss this food a lot but the road is a bit winding road to go inside. Need to be super careful. I miss KK food a lot. I wanna go there soon hope never miss this ..

Great blog as well