Soto @ Kedai Kopi Happy 2

When it comes to Soto, there are 2 places that we would usually go to here in Kota Kinabalu. One is at the coffeshop in front of All Saints Secondary School in Likas (it's been there ever since I was in All Saints, which is like, a decade ago!).

The other, is here, Kedai Kopi Happy 2, located at Asia City, facing (Peppermint, the Vietnamese restaurant).

This coffeeshop is very popular to especially those working nearby, and would usually be fully packed during lunch hour!

Soto Daging (Beef Noodle Soup) [price:RM4.00]

We think the price is quite cheap and reasonable, isn't it? It's quite fulfilling, too!

But if you don't feel like eating Soto for some reason, there are also a variety of Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice) dishes being sold at this coffeeshop as well!


syam said...

soto at kedai jawa is paling sadap punya in kk :p

adn said...

ni tempat favorite aku ni. boleh minta nasi tambah free. kompom kenyang... hehe

Ven said...

The one opposite All Saint's School has moved out now. Do you happen to know where they are now??

Ven said...

My girl is a big fan of soto and the best for her is the same you mentioned, ie opposite All Saint's School. Recently, we came to know that they have moved out. Wonder if you know where they have moved to. Please let me know if you do. Thank you.

Jacquelin Ajuni said...

Ven: Is it? I'm not too sure; the last time I was there was a few weeks ago..? The soto stall was still there. I'll try to find out for you and will let you know soon ya?