Thai Style Ngiu Chap @ Kedai Kopi Ria

I usually cannot stand spicy food, but give me Thai food anyday, especially Tom Yum Goong, and I could finish the soup until the very last drop!

Weird, isn't it?

Thai Style Ngiu Chap

So, it is no wonder that this version of Beef Brisket Noodles, or Ngiu Chap is one of my personal favourites: it is actually a Thai version of it!

It used to be quite spicy a few years back (with cili padi inside the soup itself) but it is no longer served like that now. The soup base nowadays tastes mostly sourish. Just imagine tom yum goong, but without the spiciness!

But do not fret; in order to 'complete' the taste, just ask for their special sambal belacan, add some to your bowl of Ngiu Chap, stir, and you're set! The sambal belacan makes all the difference in the dish, trust me!

What I also love about this Ngiu Chap is that the soup is clear-based, which is so unlike the others. The meatballs are huge, too!

Price: RM4.50 for a Regular/normal sized bowl, BUT I highly suggest you to order the Big bowl instead. It is only RM5.50!

p/s: I have already reviewed this eatery years back, but only found out recently that my old foodblog has finally been closed down, without them letting me know first. So all my food posts.. and the photos.. are gone just like that. :(

(Opposite from Multibake, across the street from Tong Hing Supermarket)
Damai Plaza, Kota Kinabalu


chegu carol said...

I just had ngiu chap there last Friday! Yes, love the sambal belacan and the clear soup.

Lady G said...

I loved the Tom Yum Goong at Nok Thai, Damai.

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